How to Update FastFileSystem

This is something that people often find difficult, even intimidating. However, if you follow the steps outlined here, updating FastFileSystem (FFS) is a relatively straightforward process. It is also, a `safe' operation to perform using HDToolBox. By that I mean, if you update FFS, and that's all you update, you will not suffer any data loss. Having said that, I accept no responsibilty for any consequential data loss that may occur.

  1. Make sure HDToolBox is aware of the `scsi.device' that you use. To do this, select "Information..." from the WorkBench Icons menu.
  2. Start HDToolBox by double-clicking on it's icon.
  3. Select device you wish to update FFS on. This must be a hard disk or removeable media disk, of course.
  4. Select the now unghosted button "Partition Drive"
  5. The next step depends on what version of WorkBench you use.
  6. Select "Add/Update..."
  7. Select "L:FastFileSystem" from the list of file systems available. Note; There may only be one.
  8. Select "Update File System..."
  9. From the requester, choose FastFileSystem, and press RETURN.
  10. Press "Ok"
  11. Select "Save"
  12. Select "Exit"

You have now successfully updated the version of FFS your hard drive is currently using. To complete the update, a reboot is necessary, due to the fact that the older version of the filesystem is still in memory.
The same process as above can be used to update filesystems other than FFS, of course. Just substitute the relevant file system name for FastFileSystem.