Welcome to Pianosa

Why Pianosa? Well actually, Pianosa was well down the list of domain names that I drew up before contacting Demon, who were my ISP at the time. Sadly, all those that I had on the list prior to Pianosa were already taken by other customers. Until recently, I always used Pianosa in my e-mail address. However, since the arrival of the .me.uk domain extension, I decided to look for something else. All the `good' domain names had gone, so I settled for fineby.me.uk which, in all honesty, could have been a lot worse.

So, where does the name Pianosa come from? In fact, it's the name Joseph Heller gave to the ficticious island that is the main setting for his first novel, Catch 22.

So, who am I?

So far, all you know about me is my name; And that's only if you bother to read the titles at the top of the screen. Okay, so my name is Brad Rogers, and I was born on the 19th June, 1960. I'm married with two children; William and Lilian. Currently, Sarah (my wife), the kids and I live in North Devon. Yes, the much hoped for move has finally happened!

Sarah gave birth to our son on Saturday, 6th May 2000. He was born at 16:03 and weighed in at 9lb 4oz, or 4.2kg. He was given the name William Rhodes Rogers. Parenthood; Can I handle the responsibility? And for everyone that's asked, a picture of him, along with a few others of me, Sarah and him, from the Gallery. More recently, we had a daughter, named Lilian, born to us on Saturday, 23rd November, 2002. She was born at 22:30 and weighed 8lb 5oz, or 3.8kg. There will be pictures of her in the gallery soon, of course.

My main interests these days are reading, music, caving and computers. I like to read sci-fi and comic fantasy in the main, but have a reasonable amount of music and caving related titles on my book shelves, too.