Site History

26 Dec 2004; Added "Love Angel Music Baby - Gwen Setefani". Site now relocated, and URL changed slighty. For the better though, it's easier to remember now.

27 Nov 2004; Added "The Complete Singles Collection - Theatre of Hate / The Pack". I've also started looking for somewhere to host this site, since the chap I was using has been very quiet of late. Frankly, updating the site is a waste of time at the moment, since no one will see the updates!

14 Oct 2004; Added "Sound Of the Suburbs - Members" CD.

1 Oct 2004; Added "London Calling (25th Anniversary Issue - Clash" to the CD list. Why did I buy it? Because of the bonus CD of the "lost" Vanilla Tapes, and the bonus DVD. All for £10.99!

25 May 2004; Added "Black California - Various Artists" CD. I imported this CD from the USA since, even with the extra cost of delivery, it was cheaper than buying from the UK.

10 May 2004; After approx six months, I've finally got the 999 CD I ordered in Dec 2003. Therefore, "Outburst - 999" has been added to the CD list.

6 Apr 2004; Added "All That Jive - Various Artists" CD.

1 Apr 2004; Phew! After a three and a half month wait, which included a false delivery notice, I've finally got my copy of "Gentle Creatures Despite Their Fierce Appearance - Fruit Eating Bears" CD. The 999 CD ordered at the same time has had to be re-ordered due to a total cock-up by the supplier. At least the company involved credited me with the amounts wrongly debited. Also added "Ace Story (Vol. 1) - Various Artists", "Singled Out - Dr. Feelgood" and "Les Tueurs De La Lune De Miel - Honeymoon Killers" Cd's.

20 Mar 2004; Added "JoBoxers - Doing The Boxerbeat The Anthology", "Eddie Jefferson - Vocal Ease" and "Vice Squad - Stand Strong Stand Proud" CD's.

13 Mar 2004; Added "Hey Mr. Gatemouth - Gatemouth Moore" CD. This is starting to get expensive; Paying 10 or more for a CD, when I'm only after one or two of the tracks.

11 Mar 2004; Added "Wilful Days - Killing Joke" CD.

1 Mar 2004; Added "Johnny Moped - Basically", "Wire - The Drill" and "Scritti Politti - Songs To Remember" CD's. Secondly, I have updated Andy Bailey's email address and removed the link to his website, since he currently lacks the time to maintain it.

23 Feb 2004; Added "Various Artists - Giants Of Rock" CD, which was given away with 'The Mail On Sunday' dated 22 Feb 2004.

16 Feb 2004; Added "The Adverts - Anthology" double CD. Been waiting for this since mid-December.

8 Feb 2004; Added several pictures to the "Visual Stuff" oddities page, under the title of "If Women Ruled The World".

15 Jan 2004; Added "Linx - The Best Of Linx" CD.

3 Jan 2004; Started re-running HTMLTidy across the various pages to clean up code and (double-)check the DTD's. Updated the notes page to reflect the fact I'm using Mandrake 9.2