Site History

27 Dec 2003; Added "Robbie Williams - Live Summer 2003" CD.

22 Dec 2003; Added "999 - Concrete" CD.

19 Dec 2003; Added "Creatures - A Bestiary Of" and "Lords Of The New Church - Is Nothing Sacred" CD's.

16 Dec 2003; Added "Girls Aloud - Sound Of The Underground" CD.

8 Dec 2003; Added "Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle / Warriors" and "Toyah - Sheep Farming In Barnet" Cd's.

31 Oct 2003; Added "Saints - Eternally Yours" and "Yello - Flag" CD's.

21 Oct 2003; Since I rarely use my Amiga these days, I've updated the notes section to reflect the hardware & software I do use.

20 Oct 2003; Added "Eurythmics - Touch" CD.

18 Oct 2003; Added "Hayley Westenra - Pure" and "Pogo A Go Go (Various Artists)" to CD's.

09 Sept 2003; Restructured site heirarchy, since a flat directory layout was starting to get unwieldy.

08 Sept 2003; Updated main page to reflect move to North Devon. Added "Eurythmics - Savage" and "Ruts - The Crack / Grin And Bear It" CDs. Split 'CD C - D', 'CD E - G', 'CD H - K' and 'CD V - Z' lists so less scrolling is necessary. Corrected a few spelling mistakes.

16 Aug 2003; Added "Crass - Yes Sir, I Will." CD.

13 Aug 2003; Added "Transvision Vamp - Pop Art" CD.

7 Aug 2003; Added "Melanie C - Reason" and "Poison Girls - Their Finest Moments" CDs.

3 Aug 2003; Added the following CD's: "Various Artists - Riotous Assembly", "London - The Punk Rock Collection", "Wire - The Ideal Copy", "Kid Creole & The Coconuts - Wonderful Thing", "Dead Kennedys - Plastic Surgery Disasters / In God We Trust, Inc." and "Style Council - The Complete Adventures of The Style Council".

7 May 2003; Whoops! Got Lilian's DoB wrong by one year. Well, 2 & 3 are next to each other on the keyboard. Also altered the links to one or two files that suffered incorrect case matching.

8 Mar 2003; Added "Fall - The Frenz Experiment" CD. Still working on UBL & AMG links. In fact, I'll be removing the AMG links, because UBL reference them, anyway.

26 Jan 2003; Sigh! Yet again, UBL & AMG have changed their formats, so some of the links no longer work. I'll be correcting those that don't over the next few weeks.

20 Jan 2003; Added a recent picture of William, aged 2 1/2. Added a picture of Lilian, at the age of 5 days.

19 Jan 2003; Added `Court Room Transcript' items to the Oddities page. At the same time, I re-arranged the Oddities index page itself.

11 Jan 2003; Added `"New" Hi-Tech' to the Oddities page.

Jan 10 2003; Added "Robbie Williams - Escapology" and "Alanis Morissette - Under Rug Swept" Cd's. Also moved site to a new server, provided by Mike O'Hara. Thanks Mike.