Site History

7 Oct 2002; Added "Pere Ubu - Datapanik In The Year Zero" five CD box set.

30 Sept 2002; Added "Slade - Sladest" CD.

27 Sept 2002; Added "Slade - Slade In Flame" CD.

21 Sept 2002; Added "XTC - White Music" CD. Split the History pages (site change log) into separate pages for each year, as the log was getting quite long.

14 Sept 2002; Added "Punk And Disorderly", "Punk And Disorderly II - Further Charges", "Punk Rock Rarities Vol. 2" and "Adam And The Ants - The Very Best Of...." CD's.

13 Sept 2002; Added "Wire - Read & Burn 02" CD.

31 Aug 2002; Added "Wire - Read & Burn 01" CD, and changed link to point to their new website.

25 Aug 2002; Added "Sex Pistols - Best Of British" 3CD box set.

16 Jul 2002; Added "Lurkers - Fulham Fallout", "Punk Rock Baby" and "Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way" CD's.

22 Jun 2002; Added "Punk And Disorderly III - The Final Solution", "Public Image - First Issue" ,"Beggars Banquet - Punk Singles Collection" and "Killing Joke - Outside The Gate" CD's. Secondly, the CD lists "A - B" and "T - Z" have been split into "A", "B", "T - U" and "V - Z".

12 Jun 2002; Added "Subhumans EP-LP" CD.

5 Jun 2002; Added "Hidden Windows Settings" screen to the oddities page.

31 May 2002; Added CD's; "Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen (Golden Jubilee release)", "Sham 69 - That's Life", X-Ray Spex - Germfree Adolescents (The Anthology)", "Jam - Setting Sons"

23 May 2002; Added a new "Oddity - What Is A Bastard?"

8 May 2002; Added four CD's: "Generation X - Valley Of The Dolls", "Jam - All Mod Cons", "Television - Marquee Moon" and "Patti Smith - Horses"

7 May 2002; Added "Ramones - Anthology" and "Gordon Haskell - Harry's Bar" CD's to list.

27 Apr 2002; Corrected a spelling mistake in previous update, and updated the Albums and Singles lists.

18 Apr 2002; Added "Iggy & The Stooges - Raw Power" CD.

9 Mar 2002; Added In-Flight announcements to "Oddities" page.

8 Mar 2002; Added "Wonderstuff - Eight Legged Groove Machine" CD. Rationalised more pages, for a more uniform look. Made the <TITLE> tags more unique. Not that they can be seen in a <FRAMES> page layout.

5 Mar 2002; Whilst the content hasn't changed, I've uploaded a new version of the site. The only difference is that it now uses Javascript for the links frame.

3 Mar 2002; Added "Live At The Roxy" CD. Added a new link to downloads page, which has a few TrueType fonts, plus a handy little utility. Of course, all the relevant archives have been uploaded to the correct place within the page's structure.

15 Feb 2002; Added Undertones CD.

15 Jan 2002; Added two more CD's.

13 Jan 2002; Corrected link to Rubinoos home page.

1 Jan 2002; Added Gordon Haskell CD-Single. Changed link to his website, too.