Site History

15 Dec 2001; Added link to Rubinoos Homepage.

14 Dec 2001; After a wait of what seems like months, but is in fact only eight weeks, added seven new CD's. The reason I had to wait? One of them was an import, and unlike their US counterparts, Amazon.uk don't split orders, unless you specify they should. This costs extra, so I always opt for complete order.

16 Nov 2001; Sometimes, just when I think everything's fine with this website, I find an error that's been there for absolutely ages. This one meant no-one could download the Amiga boot sequence codes, since the link was broken. Also, another couple of CD's have been added. One of the CD's includes tracks by an artist I thought would never make it to CD. It just goes to show:- You never can tell.

11 Nov 2001; Singles list updated - A few mistakes corrected, and CD duplicates removed.

19 Oct 2001; Updated notes frame to include latest hardware additions. That is, 2 new hard drives.

29 Sept 2001; Added a few more band links, and corrected a few grammatical errors on several pages. Also made the Oddities pages more uniform.

15 Sept 2001; Restructured CD listings into several smaller groups, since the existing four were starting to take a while to load in. Corrected a double UBL reference for Chaotic Discord, and added a few UBL/AMG links to other bands.

13 Sept 2001; Wah!'s entry on the CD list wasn't completed properly. I hadn't closed the unordered list tag, so subsequent entries appeared one level lower in the heirarchy than they should have been. David Kitt entry was move to the correct place alphabetically.

11 Sept 2001; Four CD's added.

2 Sept 2001; Three more CD's added. Two of them were freebies, and not particularly to my taste, but they still go in.

18 Aug 2001; Added a few optical illusions to the Oddities Page. A few are quite old, but a few I'd not seen before.

7 Aug 2001; Added a few more CD's; I'm feeling flush, again. :-)

25 Jun 2001; Added two more CD's, that my wife gave me for my birthday (aww). Updated the web address for Skunk Anansie's site.

26 May 2001; Phew! A massive update to the links on the CD pages. Why? Because AMG have altered all their references. On top of that, iMusic has virtually ceased to exist, and has been, more or less, absorbed by UBL, the Ultimate Band List. I hope I got them all correct.......

16 May 2001; I noticed that I really, really messed up a few changes a while back, whilst tidying up the structure of this site. All the images in the Amiga related section would not load to to incorrect paths. Also, the link to the section about updating FFS was broken. All fixed now.

1 May 2001; Added a new CD to the list.

26 Mar 2001; Added details of how to modify generic floppy drives for use with Amigas. Added two more funnies to the Oddities Page.

18 Mar 2001; Added "Pilot Reported Squawks" to the Oddities Page, plus updated a few band links that had become out of date: Robbie Williams and The Damned.

3 Mar 2001; Added "Ultimate Hands Free Kit", and "Corporate Identities" to the Oddities pages.

10 Feb 2001; Added "Safer Parking For Women" and "McDonnell Douglas Customer Survey" and "The Good Wife Guide" to Oddities page.