Site History

3 Dec 2000; Three more CD's. These are the last I'll buy for some time, since I no longer have an income, due to being a stay-at-home dad.

12 Oct 2000; Added a couple of pictures of William. Sadly, a little out of focus, but good pictures of William, nontheless.

10 Oct 2000; Strange News Items added to the Oddities page.

3 Sep 2000; Look out the code that was found in the Windows98 install program.

29 Aug 2000; Added a few questions about Australia and the Olympics. These are allegedly genuine questions asked via the Sydney Olympics web site.

16 Jul 2000; Major updates to the CD listings, plus an update to the picture page. It now starts with thumbnails, rather than loading the full picture. I've also decided to remove the book list, and stick to the music.

12 Jul 2000; Started adding AMG links to CD lists.

10 Jul 2000; One more CD, plus added a couple of links: Only Ones and Nina Simone.

7 Jul 2000; Five more CD's, plus updates to the book list.

20 Jun 2000; Started adding a list of the books I own. Mostly, these lists are so I know what I have, and don't need to buy again. It's happened.....

21 May 2000; Added picure of my son, at age 4 days. He didn't seem to be too happy about having his picture taken, really.

17 May 2000; Another 5 CD's.

10 May 2000; Added mention of new-born son to main page.

29 Apr 2000; A very strange insurance claim. You won't believe it.

25 Apr 2000; More CD's, and instructions for giving a pill to your cat.

22 Apr 2000; Aren't spelling checkers wonderful? Read all about them on the "Oddities" page.

21 Apr 2000; More CD's.

16 Apr 2000; Turned the list of Andy Bailey's .MOD files into a table. Looks much more organised, now.

15 Apr 2000; Added more Absurd Instructions. Increased width of LHS frame to cope better with it's content.

11 Apr 2000; Four new CD's. The list of absurd instructions has now been moved to it's own page, since I expect this section to get bigger.

8 Apr 2000; Updated the Singles and Albums pages, to remove stuff I have on CD now. On the "tech support" page, there is now a list of unnecessary instructions, taken from products made around the globe. Some of them, you will not believe...

22 Mar 2000; Added links to Wire and Nirvana web sites.

19 Mar 2000; Changed WebRing code, since I got told it was wrong, by the WebRing auto-checker. I don't know why, since it's been working for about 3 months now. Also, updated Notes to reflect the fact that I've been using WB3.5 for a long time. Finally, a bit of searching has turned up links to sites for Eddie & The Hotrods, Elvis Costello, Guns & Roses, The Cramps and The The.

18 Mar 2000; Added 128MB of Fast RAM. Updated notes frame to reflect this.

15 Mar 2000; Five new CD's.

4 Mar 2000; Changed links to Elevate BBS, due to the webmaster taking out a domain registration. Sadly, the actual BBS is now closed.

1 Feb 2000; Five more CD's. Changed "Link" frame again.

29 Jan 2000; Changed "Main" frame a bit.

28 Jan 2000; Another CD. If you have any sense of humour at all, and know what an airplane is, you need this CD! Minor changes to the "Links" frame (move a couple of HR's).

26 Jan 2000; Minor update to WebRing code.

22 Jan 2000; The LP and Singles lists will get shorter as more of the material listed there gets "converted" to CD's. Vinyl is too valuable to play any more.

18 Jan 2000; 5 CD box set. Where do I get the money from?

15 Jan 2000; Yet another new CD. Added a picture of Sarah and me, after prompting from a friend (hi, Joel). No doubt, the "gallery" will expand in time.

13 Jan 2000; Added a counter. Yeah, I know, there's not much point, really.

5 Jan 2000; Updated Main page such that WebRing sites load into whole window, not the current frame.

4 Jan 2000; Moved CV to separate page, to make room for Elevate WebRing links at bottom of main page.