Site History

14 Dec 99; Corrected mistakes on a couple of band related links (Booker T & The MG's, Eurythmics). Updated FFS updating method a bit.

1 Dec 99; Added a few more band links. Added FFS update method to Amiga pages.

15 Nov 99; Added 4 new CD's.

16 Oct 99; Added 5 new CD's.

5 Oct 99; Updated a couple of links on CD page: Stranglers, Vice Squad.

30 Sept 99; Well, if you're here, you can figure out what's changed. Just in case; I changed ISP and web site to Freeserve.

19 Sept 99; Removed link to The Damned's website, since it no longer appears there. No idea as to where it's gone, either.

10 Sept 99; Started adding URL's to official artist web-sites to the CD List. Pass any you have, that I don't, to me. Thanks.

1 Sept 99; Updated CD list to include latest acquisitions.

30 Aug 99; Added the LP list, added the `Easter Egg' information. Minor tidying up of pages for a more uniform look.
Removed erroneous line in both CD & Singles lists that caused PIANOSA image to be non-centred in at least one browser (IBrowse). <A name="TOP"></A> was the problem. I don't even know how it got there.

28 Aug 99; Well, the CD and singles lists are now up. The old LP (remember them?) list will be soon. Added my CV too. Lists might be a bit long though.....

20 Aug 99; Decided to re-vamp the whole site. Most stuff is still here, but I think it's arranged better now. This is going to take a bit of time though.

19 Aug 99; Started sorting out the No Frames pages. Changed link to Elevate BBS due to SysOp changing ISP.

14 Aug 99; (sigh) Found a couple more images uncentred. Corrections made as per 29 Mar 99 changes.

3 Aug 99; Added a little bit of info about Amiga boot sequence since this seems to be a stumbling block for most people.

11 Jul 99; Ran "Tidy" across my HTML. It was poor (my HTML, not Tidy), to say the least. Updated "notes.html" to reflect new hardware additions.

12 Jun 99 ; Altered one or two file names. They all now have "-" rather than "_" instead of spaces, since spaces are unpredictable. :-)
Ensured all paragraphs are opened and closed with tags, and not just opened.

29 Mar 99; Added <DIV ALIGN=CENTER> & <DIV> code to main.html, such that the "Under Construction" Lemming is centred. Some browsers don't like the <HR> inside the alignment code.

21 Mar 99; Corrected a couple of links on the Andy Bailey .mod file page.

06 Nov 98; Switched order in History file to last update first.

05 Nov 98; Corrected link to Andy Bailey's homepage: Now loads into whole browser window, not current frame. <TARGET="_top">

04 Nov 98; Added several .MOD files, courtesy of Andrew Bailey. They can be found from the "Music - .MODs" link.

Prior to 4 Nov 98; Ancient History.