Various TrueType Fonts
Description Archive Size Download
Andale Mono 68432 bytes Andale Mono
Arial, Arial Bold, Arial BoldItalic; ArialNarrow,
ArialNarrow Bold, ArialNarrow BoldItalic; ArialBlack
1006 kBytes Arial
Comic Sans, Comic Sans Bold 167097 Bytes Comic Sans
CourierNew, CourierNew Bold, Courier Italic,
CourierNew BoldItalic
647669 Bytes Courier New
Georgia, Georgia Bold, Georgia Italic, Georgia BoldItalic 398560 Bytes Georgia
Impact 83669 Bytes Impact
TimesNewRoman, TimesNewRoman Bold,
TimesNewRoman BoldItalic
664845 Bytes Times New Roman
TrebuchetMS, TrebuchetMS Bold, Trebuchet MS Italic,
Trebuchet MS BoldItalic
176594 Bytes TrebuchetMS
Verdana, Verdana Bold, Verdana Italic, Verdana BoldItalic 355747 Bytes Verdana
WebDings 135776 Bytes WebDings
All The Above 3.6 MBytes All The Above

Note that the above fonts are only useful to Amiga users with software that support TrueType fonts directly or have the "TrueType Font Library (ttf.library)" package installed.

Miscellaneous Internet Utilities
Description Archive Size Download
A program that tells you which country the two letter
code at the end of an email address represents
17252 Bytes CountryCodes