Personal Details
   Name                        : Bradley Rogers
   Address                     : Quince Barn,
                                 Bishops Nympton,
                                 South Molton,
                                 EX36 4PW.
   Date of Birth               : 19.6.60
   Marital Status              : Married

   Secondary School  (1971-76) : Barton Peveril Grammar School
   Further Education (1976-77) : Barton Peveril College
   Higher Education  (1992-94) : University of Southampton

   'O' Level                   : Maths
                                 English Language
                                 Design & Technology
   B/TEC                       : Electrical & Electronic
   B. Eng Foundation Year      : Passed

Relevant Experience;
Final test and calibration of various products and assemblies prior to despatch. Fault finding to component level. Accurate recording of test results using both manual and computer systems. Experience of analogue and digital (TTL & CMOS) circuits. Computer literate.

Familiarity with;
Analogue and digital multimeters, analogue and digital oscilloscopes, distortion analysers, signal generators, frequency counters, PAT testers, Meggers, flash testers.

Products include;
1553 Data Bus Tester, used to detect S/C, O/C, crossover, and attenuation of control surface data bus of military aircraft. The design involves the use low-level analogue signals and CMOS logic.

Ground Test Box, used to calibrate cockpit instrumentation of fighter aircraft. Circuits use analogue, TTL, CMOS, and electromechanical circuits to simulate engine and control surface feed-back systems.

Cable assemblies, inrush current limiters, surge protectors, power supplies.

Employment History
   Currently, I'm a "stay at home dad" looking after my son.

   Basys Technology              Test Engineer
   (May 98 - Nov 2000)

   Various Employment Agencies   Prototype Wirer &
   (October 96 - April 98)       Test Technician

   Stanelco Ltd.                 Prototype Wirer &
   (July 95 - September 96)      Electrical Fitter

   Various Employment Agencies   Prototype Wirer
   (August 94 - July 95)

   I.G.T. Ltd.                   Prototype Wirer &
   (December 87 - August 91)     Test Technician

   Star Microterminals Ltd.      Prototype Wirer
   (March 87 - December 87)

   Parkersell L & E Ltd.         Foreman Service Engineer
   (April 86 - January 87)

   Leenshire Ltd.                Production Wirer
   (January 85 - March 86)

   Various Employment Agencies   Prototype Wirer
   (September 81 - December 84)

   IBM U.K. Labs Ltd.            Served Apprenticeship as
   (September 77 - July 81)      Electronics Technician