A list of the Bizarre

Business And Management

McDonnell Douglas Customer Survey
Corporate Identities
Early Retirement For Amiga Users

Strange Use Of English

English Subtitles In Hong Kong Films
Switchboard Message At The Mental Health Institute
Unnecessary Instructions
Perfect Spelling

Instructions And Rules

Rules of Bedroom Golf
How To Give A Cat A Pill

Legal Documentation

An Insurance Claim

Computer Related

Unnoticed Code In Windows98 Install
Hidden Settings In Windows
The Latest in "New" Hi-Tech

I Don't Believe They Said That!

Strange Tube Train Announcements
Strange In-Flight Announcements
Strange Things Said In Court

Drink And Drugs

All About Hangovers

Sport And Leisure

Women's World Records
Questions About Australia & The Olympics

News Items

Strange News Items


Pilot Reported Aircraft Problems

Miscellaneous Items

A Prayer For The Stressed
Good Wife Guide

Visual Stuff

The Ultimate Hands Free Kit
If Women Ruled The World
Optical Illusions
Women Only Car Parks
What Is A Bastard?