Who Is Andy Bailey?

A local gentleman that writes music using his computer. Purely by chance, I saw a message written by Andy in the newsgroup uk.local.hampshire. I asked him "Are you the Andy Bailey that (used to) write music on an Amiga?"

"One and the same" Quoth he, and a short discussion ensued. It turned out that Andy wanted somewhere to put his files on the internet, but was lacking space on his web server, so I volunteered to host the files for him. This resulted in Andy sending me a 4MB archive of the .MOD files he has written over the years.

Some of these files have been available in the past from magazine coverdisks, demo disks, and the such like, but as far as I'm aware, have never been available from one place simultaneously. I present them here, for you to download and listen to at your leisure.

The music of Andy Bailey
mod.abstraction mod.atmospheric mod.beat-x mod.cardiac-flute
mod.diskjockey mod.fantasy mod.feel-it2 mod.highly-strung
mod.jarreistic mod.life-in-a-fast-beat mod.moody mod.music-is-my-mind
mod.newsong mod.pipedreams mod.rawgod mod.requiem
mod.road-to-ruin mod.sealed-with-a-bass mod.space-vinegarette mod.stoned
mod.tag-intro mod.the-new-style mod.this-is-what-i-like mod.voyage2

Please Note: All these files are copyright © Andrew J Bailey. If you wish to make use of them for anything other than personal use, please contact him directly.

Andy Bailey can be contacted at; mailto:andy@manyplay.com