Strange But True

Devilish Deed

Doomsday cult leader, Gerhard Wollf, killed himself after his wife scribbled `666' on his forehead whilst he was asleep. When he woke up, he saw the sign of the devil in the mirror and promptly hanged himself. Wollf, 68, from Dresden, Germany, left a note saying; `The Devil has me in his grip, there is no escape'.

Mad Dog

American housewife, Jean Voight, has to keep her pet dog, Larry, indoors or wrap him in a blanket when he goes out. This is because he goes crazy if he sees his reflection as he trots past shop windows. Animal psychologists say that Larry is unable to cope with the shock of seeing himself naked.

Last Gasp

A 64 year old woman, Louise Ramos, was arrested for shoplifting in San Diego, California. As a protest, she vowed to hold her breath `Until I turn blue'. True to her word, she did exactly that, and died in hospital later that day.

Gone Potty

Nathan Hicks, from St. Louis, USA, was so upset by his younger brother, Herbert, using six rolls of toilet paper in two days, that he shot him dead. The police charged Nathan with second degree murder.


Pickpocket, walter Poppe, found out about his wife's infidelity after finding a love letter and a photograph of her and her lover in a wallet he had just stolen, in Seattle, USA. He told police; `Being caught thieving is the least of my problems'. He planned to divorce his wife as soon as he was released from prison.

Heart Of The Matter

A retired doctor, out walking his dog in Boston Park, Rotherham, found a human heart on a bench. Police are currently trying to find out where it came from.

Brace Yourself

Doctors in Copenhagen, Denmark, spent two hours trying to prise two lovers apart after the braces on their teeth locked them together, as they kissed passionately in a city cinema. A medic said; `It might not have taken so long to free them if they hadn't been laughing so much'.

The Family Tomb

A violent dispute broke out recently between two brothers, in Vallefiorata, Italy, about who was entitled to the last free space in the family tomb. The argument became so heated, that one brother stabbed the other to death and, on a first-come--first-served basis, did himself out of the vacancy.

Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink

Forty-two year old New Zealander, Richard Morsted, was arrested for seeking sex from prostitutes in Auckland. He spent a night in prison before he could persuade police officers that he had a facial spasm which caused him to nod and wink convulsively. Police had interpreted it as an attempt to catch the attention of prostitutes.